Sunday, April 20, 2014

Better late than never

PUMPKIN PATCH 2013...better late than never..

 photo IMG_4306_zpsd371a259.jpg

src="" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_4304_zpsd15b2c48.jpg"/>

 photo IMG_4303_zps9add7417.jpg

Met the CEO of Beachbody and he's as nice, funny and real as he looks.  #bucketlist photo IMG_3803_zpsa43a5e07.jpg

My Beachbody peeps... photo IMG_3801_zpsbdf8c061.jpg

The Beachbody ripple effect flows down to Lily and makes me so happy she wants to workout with T-Shaun (instead of Shaun T) photo IMG_3768_zpsa402fa16.jpg  photo IMG_3768_zpsa402fa16.jpg
life is good.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stuffed Animals and naps

Whenever we have movie night, it turns into a whole entourage has to join us.  Lily is OBSESSED with her stuffed animals and treats each one like part of her family.  Whenever we are at a store and has money in her pocket to burn, she goes straight to the stuffed animals, big and small so they can join her in any event possible. photo IMG_2857_zpsfb7941f2.jpg

nap time by the pool photo IMG_2964_zps9ab26739.jpg

first day of preschool.  yummmy this boy! photo IMG_3068_zps814d65d6.jpg

post shower coldness photo IMG_3359_zpsa77c5ac6.jpg

this girl will nap wherever her head falls. photo IMG_3372_zps91810a67.jpg

Love this picture of Lily and Julie more than words can say!! photo IMG_3385_zps8a189ee9.jpg

life is good.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

zoo freaks

scary lily

 photo IMG_2925_zps78d1208b.jpg

scary mommy photo IMG_2927_zps1b2bfa83.jpg

thanks jackie for the handmade suit! photo IMG_2932_zps537d8839.jpg

ahhhhhh photo IMG_2934_zpscd834ce7.jpg

soccer time photo IMG_2970_zps2a3f0d00.jpg

g the photo bomber photo image-1_zpsa28ecc75.jpeg


 photo IMG_2895_zpsfb3e1744.jpg

just the 3 of us… photo image-3_zpsce953c4d.jpeg

holding hands when they can photo IMG_2680_zps03682e79.jpg

life is good

Sunday, March 23, 2014

picnics, swimming, fishing and dance

dancing on the greens photo IMG_1604_zps39ac3e05.jpg

picnics too photo IMG_1595_zps66bdb775.jpg

she had her spine checked and all was great !! photo IMG_1585_zps98547497.jpg
play time photo IMG_1580_zps072a8761.jpg

ready.  1.2.3… photo IMG_1551_zps55cd090a.jpg
posers photo IMG_1544_zps1af162ae.jpg

holding and jumping photo IMG_1578_zps63496d89.jpg

are you kidding me with these pictures? photo IMG_1677_zps43c16b80.jpg
be still my heart

 photo IMG_1562_zps27aa7d14.jpg

swimming fun with aunt jeffer photo IMG_1537_zps94eedee0.jpg

katie was a dance star!! photo IMG_1532_zpsf7b39b1d.jpg

our girls look up to her like she is a princess photo IMG_1525_zpsb8ec3c0b.jpg

night night photo IMG_1520_zps99352b9f.jpg
salon time photo IMG_1517_zps80bdaa37.jpg

bye daddy, have a good day at work photo IMG_1912_zpse20ec0ad.jpg

life is good.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

waterparks and zoo

someone was a little excited about her grandparents coming so she decorated to the 9s photo IMG_1949_zps804426c3.jpg
fudge pop anyone? photo IMG_1928_zps37fe9c80.jpg

learning how to write at sunday school photo IMG_1876_zpsc8059729.jpg
oh i love this picture and am so excited to go to this water park this summer photo IMG_1870_zps881fac44.jpg

so is lily photo IMG_1804_zps111e5284.jpg

see lily in this picture?  look for feet near the brown chair… photo IMG_1751_zps2114c1cd.jpg

so sweet together… photo IMG_1742_zps52c0662b.jpg

movie time photo IMG_1735_zpsa616c3e4.jpg

pals forever photo IMG_1716_zps2dca2a6d.jpg

Sunday morning rituals photo IMG_1679_zps5b90ccfb.jpg

my belly button is hungry too mommy" photo IMG_1662_zps2487127b.jpg

oh how we love the zoo photo IMG_1657_zps51b65149.jpg

with cousins too photo IMG_1655_zps4f59890e.jpg

life is good!